18 Jun

Over time, cell phone antennas have migrated to the base of the phone, to minimize the SAR (specific absorption rate) of radiation that the phone produces, and is absorbed by the head. No study ruled out that SAR and cancers aren’t associated or has ever conclusively found, and the Federal Communications Commission requires telephones to be tested and the results published.

Moving the antenna closer to the ear was “unfortunate,” Webb said. “And that’s the best I can say.”

Papool Chaudhari a lawyer representing an inventor of a technology designed to minimize cell phone radiation, went farther. “I believe Apple chose to sacrifice security for better call reception,” Chaudhari said in a statement. “By putting the antenna outside the casing, Apple hopes to solve the dropped-calls trouble, but at what price?”


When Apple announced the iPhone 4, Webb said he closely examined the pictures of the recent phone as them projected on the screen. (Although Webb said he’d ordered an iPhone 4, but it had yet to arrive)

Webb said that he arrived at a choice between two conclusions: either the gaps in the band were not actually involved with the RF current and the antenna, or that they were. “And if they are that’s one’s of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen,” he said. “You cannot pick up the iPhone and not interfere with the antenna. It is even tougher to get the telephone rather than restrict the antenna compared to the first-generation iPhone.”

If that’s the case, individuals are probably right finding they’re killing that antenna, Webb said.

The issue, Webb said, is that the FCC evaluations simulate or do not include a hand, which means that what the FCC tested isn’t indicative of real world use, notably in the case of an iPhone 4 held by an user’s existence. “I’m sure that the test worked awesomely nicely without the existence of a hand,” Webb said.

If an issue is and hindrance by the user’s body could the issue be solved by placing the mobile phone and using Bluetooth? Webb said he was not entirely positive, but “would venture to say yes,” although placing it in a pocket would still effectively create body contact, he said. Placing it in something like a fanny pack would be more successful, Webb said.


It generally takes a couple of days before the negative reports about products that are new that are hot crop up. People are just beginning to receive their new iPhones, and there are already a slew of complaints that are on-line that point to what seems to be one major design flaw in the most recent iPhone.

According to numerous reports, holding the phone’s new outside antenna band has the inclination to completely block reception. Gizmodo got an avalanche of replies from users who seem to be having the same issue and put a call out with the new telephone.

Perhaps it’s because a product like the iPhone 4 is bound to be upon its release –or perhaps this can be a valid concern. Either way, it looks like this is something Apple is going to have to address soon.

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25 Feb

I am sure that you have all heard about the famous text-messaging platform called Whatsapp. The service has gained so much popularity these days that more than 1.1 billion active users use the service almost each day. The good news, especially for those of you who do not own a smartphone, is that now, you can download Whatsapp for PC, to use it on your Windows or Mac computer.

Through Whatsapp, you can chat with your friends and also to share images and videos. The service was now updated, and users are also able to send voice records. After all this, users tend to use the service instead of the standard messaging platform in order to connect with their friends and family.

However, if you are interested in having Whatsapp on Windows or Mac, you have the possibility to install the service using the Bluestacks emulator. Through this program, you have access to many other interesting apps that were designed for mobile purposes. Here, I will show you how you can install Whatsapp for PC right on your computer using the Bluestacks emulators. Just follow the simple step-by-step guide and you will be able to use the service without any other problems.

Install Whatsapp for PC with Bluestacks

Step 1: As expected, the first step is to download Bluestacks. Find the emulator, download it, and install it on your computer.

Step 2: Launch the program, and within the Search bar, look for Whatsapp to install it on your desktop computer.

Step 3: Download and Install Whatsapp, and when the installation process is over, just launch the platform.

Step 4: When you first launch the program, you will be asked to verify your number. As you know, Whatsapp requires a working phone number in order to make your connection with your friends.

Step 5: If you are already using Whatsapp on your Android or iOS phone, you can synchronize your contacts to your PC. In this way, you will able to continue your conversations, and have all your contacts right at hand. For this, just click on the gear icon on the right side bottom of the screen.

Step 6: Select Cloud Connect from the Menu.

Step 7: At this point, you will have the possibility to select your other device, the one that was used in order to send Whatsapp messages.

Step 8: Click on Next and enter your Google Play store account, the one you are using on your Android Phone. Then, register.

At this point, you are able to use Whatsapp on Windows just as you were using the service on your mobile device. As I said earlier, you still have the same functions and features even on your laptop computer. It is great to download Whatsapp for pc free, at work, and use the service without anybody noticing that you are not working.

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12 Feb

Nowadays, there are more and more people who seem to prefer using an iPad, wherever it appears to be more comfortable than a heavier laptop, or a smaller-screened iPhone. Although they used to be just fine without one, in the past, the iPad became an amazing attraction for adults, and for children, as well. Many iPad owners use it for reading the news and for many amazing apps offered by Apple. However, there is a huge number of people who prefer jailbreaking their device and installing Cydia download instead of the Apple Store. The reason why there are users who prefer owning a jailbroken device is that the number of Cydia Apps available is higher than the ones that can be found at the online Apple Store.

Useful Cydia Apps for iPad

Useful Cydia Apps for iPad

1. AirBlue Sharing

This is one of the useful Cydia Apps, which enables Bluetooth transfer of almost all the file types over a Bluetooth connection. There for Airblue Sharing makes it possible for very jailbroken iOS device to share Notes, Photos, Videos, Music, Contacts or Voice Memos with any platform, as long as it supports Bluetooth connection. This handy Cydia App can be installed as soon as it is purchased.

2. RetinaPad

As there is a great number of applications designed for iPhone, retina enabling apps and games add another touch of graphical prodigy to these apps, iPod users began asking for the same treatment. Therefore, RetinaPad has been created. As you can imagine, this is one of the Cydia download which has been specially invented in order to comply with the iPad users’ needs. This application runs iPhone retina apps by blowing the Apps and games into 2x mode without pixelating the screen and maintaining the resolution meanwhile.

3. MyWy

As you already know, Cydia Store offers apps for free, as well as for a small amount of money. MyWy is a third-party app, created for iPad, which appears to be not only useful, but also free. What does it? It enables the jailbroken iPad user to create an instant iPad Wi-Fi HotSpot which can then be used by other devices for internet access. Therefore, connecting an iPhone, iPad, Laptop or other Wi-Fi device to this iPad HotSpot and using a fast internet access will be extremely easy.

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27 Jan

Today, most individuals use iPhones for both private and company functions. Alongside carrying out many different jobs, iPhones are also used by users to get company information and data. A person can just search through the Apple App Store to locate and download Applications Based on his special conditions. But customers often search for Applications that provide extended and advanced attributes. Lots of companies are launching iPhone Applications at regular intervals to focus on the always expanding consumer base. A business even offers a few alternatives to produce iPhone Applications.

In improvements to implementing an internal group of programmers, a firm too can consider outsourcing the program development project. It could readily create and promote fresh program for Apple products, when an enterprise currently has expertise in creating mobile software. Nevertheless, the new businesses going into mobile software development frequently think it’s an intimidating problem to maintain the job expenses in check. That’s why; businesses outsource iPhone application development jobs to avail numerous advantages.

Substantial Benefits of Freelancing iPhone Application Development

Assemble the Application through Experts: It must employ accredited, competent and seasoned designers, once an enterprise makes the decision construct cellular applications. Usually, the seasoned cellular application developers charge a tremendous cost for their abilities due to the highly-competitive environment. Therefore, the business must commit a tremendous pile of cash to establish a group of experienced programmers. However it could consistently assemble the application through exceptionally skied developers by employing a development business. They’ll make sure your job is performed by specialists, since specialized app development services are offered by these companies. The designers can additionally use instruments to create the application in a fast pace.

Reduce Job Overheads: The continuing recessional period of the market is having a tremendous effect on companies. Each business, today, investigate alternatives to improve Return On Investment by keeping the job expenses in check. When a firm develops the application via an interior group of software engineers, it must invest cash in employing experienced professionals. Also, the experts need extra training when new technologies are used by the app. To the flip side, the application will be built by the outsourced team without purchasing recruiting and training. Further, a customer always has the choice to release more programmers to lessen the task time-frame without compromising on quality.

Use New Systems: The habits and picks of smart-phone users alter at regular periods. So the app must be designed by you using the most recent systems to impress iPhone customers. More, an application could be created utilizing a few development dialects. Consequently there are almost always probabilities the programmers must develop new development abilities to expose new functions within the software. The experts should be educated to utilize a brand new programming language, if you really have an in-house group of programmers. However you always have the option to conserve the number of money, time and attempt needed to coach the programmers by outsourcing the job. You could usually pick the programmer who is able to readily expose the most recent technologies, as you’ve got the choice to select from a few iPhone application development businesses.

Meet with the Endeavor Timeline: Many enterprises have been encouraged by the growing demand for iPhone apps to put money into mobile application development. A company should establish its merchandise as soon as possible, because the applications are started at regular times. Therefore it becomes crucial for it to staying with a fixed deadline. The project is planned by the team by finding out the essential assets, when an organization outsources the task into a development firm. More, the group can create the needed changes to ensure the timeline is satisfied. Using their knowledge as well as experience in creating apps, the programmers may further ensure the project cost and timeline remain unchanged.

Focus on Core Company Processes: Each business must enhance its core company procedure to increase gains. If cellular app development isn’t your primary company, you’ve got to place both effort and time to establish a strong iPhone program. Moreover, it’ll need you to really redirect your focus from primary procedures. Your group can focus on reaching the main goals, whenever you outsource the endeavor into a trusted development business. You may also create your team consider added duty to enhance your core procedures. You just have to organize together on a normal basis, because the group will guarantee the job is finished within a timeframe.

As well as creating a strong iPhone Program, it’s also crucial that you market in on popular on-line systems. A complete advertising strategy can also be enormous importance to turn your mobile Application viral in a brief period of time. You may hire best iPhone Application Programmers who’ve proven abilities and expertise to assist you develop most interesting and fun Applications. About the Writer

We supply iPhone app development providers and are one of the very best mobile app development firms in India. If you really want to have a glance at the applications we’ve completed, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Mind fire Solutions.

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13 Nov

Jailbreak Apps Free Cydia iOS

There might be instances whenever you could have your own valuable Apple iPod exposed for some wet or in worse cases, water it. So what could be done in such a scenario? Unlike cell phones, most iPod versions can’t be exposed for blow drying the apparatus. However, there aren’t many hints that may be adopted. Considering these hints will allow you to avoid more severe injury to the interior components.

Water Damage Indicator

Based on statements from Apple Computers, fluid injury for the multimedia gadget isn’t covered in Apple’s one (1) year limited guarantee or even the AppleCare Protection Plan (APP). To be able to discover if customers have actually dropped the iPod in water or uncovered it to damageable wetness, an automated technology have been implemented by the manufacturer in Apple iPhone and iPod versions made after 2006.

This engineering is described as Liquid Contact Sign (LCI). These water injury indications are located within the foundation of the jacks on most iPods. In the event, there’s water damage and mold, the foundation of the headset jack turns complete or half red. Allowing the technicians determine when the iPod no longer working can be a factory problem or the user’s problem.

Water Damage Fix

The primary and foremost thing, which you might want to-do with a damp iPod would be to indulge the hold switch and turn it off. Don’t make the error of switching it on, when it is off. Attempting to-do so might damage the inner circuitry. Get the iPod and eliminate water and dampness off the top. Examine whether there’s water within the dock connector, headset jack, as well as about the buttons; and dry the gamer when possible. Today you’ll need to hold the iPod for drying for sometimes in a comfortable area.

You could retain it on the TELEVISION or perhaps a screen for creating all water to dry up. Ensure that it stays comfortably, but be sure that the iPod doesn’t overheat, which can do more harm. Possible furthermore make use of a hairdryer to eliminate the wetness within the media-player. But don’t change the establishing of the hairdryer on high. You could also utilize the rice process that is used for wet mobile phone repair. Have a bowlful of grain and stay the iPod protected entirely for a couple of days.

Following a week, you may attempt to show to the gamer. But first be confident the moisture and water have dried up entirely. All time the iPod may function generally and start, but when it doesn’t, then you must consider it to an Apple authorized dealer. This really is exactly what all you can-do from your side. The fix professional must cope with all the difficulties officially, supposing that you can find a few more problems. You too can attempt to really get the iPod fixed from a specific tech within the place.

It’s recommended that you are using an underwater iPod case, to avoid any accidental water destruction. Some customers do buy a long warranty from third-party entities like the store. Whether that guarantee has any procedures for water damage and mold costs verify.

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19 Sep

When Apple released the iPad mini, many were skeptical regarding its impact as a smaller tablet compared to the 9” iPad. However, the small iPad made its way through other similar tablets. However, its ability and utility are best highlighted with the help of Cydia download store and its useful apps and tweaks.

Fortunately, some of these Cydia apps are free of charge, so users have the possibility to enhance the power of their iPad mini. It is hard to browse through Cydia Store when there are so many apps and tweaks. Within this short article, I want to show you some useful Cydia apps and tweaks that will help you take advantage more of your iOS device.


There are many apps that are only for iPhone. In this respect, if you want to use all those useful Cydia apps on your iPad, you might want to expand their size in order to remove the pixeled aspect. Here is where RetinaPad is helping you. Once you install RetinaPad on your iPad, all apps will automatically upscale, and they will appear to be suitable for you iPad mini. The app costs $2.99, and it is available through Cydia download store.


When you have a Mac running on OS X Mountain Lion, then you might feel the need to move the same operating system on your iPad as well. With the help of MountainCenter, you can have the same options and benefits you have on your Mac. Some users even confess that it is as if developers took the NotificationCenterfrom the iPhone and put it on iPad. With a simple slide to the right or left, you will reveal the NotificationCenteron the side, just like you can on MountainCenter. It will turn out to be pretty useful when you browse or activate on social networks. For those of you who are interested, this Cydia app costs $2.99.


Since I already started talking about iPhone apps that are used on iPad mini, let me tell you a few things regarding the basic settings. I am sure that most of you are annoyed by having to tap into settings each time you want to enable or disable Wi-Fi or change the level of brightness. In this case, the app you are looking for is the NCSettings. This Cydia app adds quick toggles to NotificationCenterto quickly access settings such as Brightness, Wi-Fi, Cellular data and more. If you are already used to SBSettings, then NCSettings will turn out to be even easier. Fortunately, the tweak is free of charge.

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23 Nov

If you enjoy watching movies and you do not want to miss your favorite TV series, you must be happy finding out that you can watch your favorite movies directly on your iPhone or iPad. Now, users have the possibility to watch any movie they want, free streamed directly on their devices with the help of the right Cydia apps. As you may imagine, for this, you need to jailbreak your device first in order to have access over Cydia. Cydia download Store is a great source for useful apps and tweaks and you will find almost anything you want here. Here is a top 5 best Cydia apps for movies in order to make things easier for you. All you need to do is to choose one of these apps and download it on your device. Then, you will be able to watch the latest movies directly on your device with less effort and in less time.

1. The iPlayApp is a valuable source for great movies, streamed movies free of charge. You get to watch the latest movies, and in the same time, you will be able to keep in touch with the latest titles revealed, news and trailers. Moreover, you have the possibility to select movies from different categories.

2. VideoTube app is a free app, which acts as a host for valuable movie links to other websites that host the movie itself. All you have to do is to select the movie you want to watch on VideoTube and you will be directed to the site containing the movie. All this, free of charge.

3. Netflix app is probably one of the best Cydia apps to watch movies. I am sure that most of you are already familiar with Netflix and this is nothing different. You get to watch streamed movies, HD movies and TV series.

4. Flixter app is a little bit different. It does not allow you to watch the latest movies streamed on your device, but it will give you the exact time when the movie will be broadcasted at your favorite cinema. You can also buy tickets for it.

5. AirVideo app enables you to watch stream videos from your Mac or PC. The free version will show you only a couple of titles randomly selected.

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